Just because the concept of activity based working is believed to be outstanding, it doesn't necessarily mean it is right for you. Or, if it is right for you, you may not be in an ideal position to implement such a flexible working environment. So how do you know the optimum time for adopting this type of physical and cultural change? There are several points you should consider. You would do well to let each point help you make the right decision.

Getting the best talent

If your industry is highly competitive and you need outstanding new talent, you stand a much better chance of attracting these top workers if you have ABW in operation. The quality employees are more likely to favour a business which is a leader in the field as demonstrated by your work environment. A poorly designed office space is counter-productive. It frustrates workers and drives away top talent. You need to take advantage of a flexible working space and become a leader in your field.

Where are your staff members located?

If employees are always out of the office, it might be time to consider ABW.
If employees are always out of the office, it might be time to consider ABW.
If you run a business where a significant number of your workers are located away from your main office space, you're in a good position to consider ABW. If staff members are constantly called away to deal with customers off-site, you will obviously have workspaces which are not being fully utilised. This is a prime example of where a rearrangement of your office layout can and should be put into operation.

Are you moving?

If, for whatever reason, you are about to shift location, then starting afresh with an activity based working plan is ideal. You are starting from scratch. Start the planning before you move. Take advantage of this new start and have the new flexible working arrangement in place on day one.

You need to grow but not expand

If you find your business is in need of more employees but because of the cost of real estate you are not able to expand your physical premises, then now is a good time to introduce a more flexible working environment. By doing so you can engage more workers and have them operate more successfully but in the same space. You can have greater staff numbers but in the same but better space.

Employees are free to work at home

Many businesses today allow members of staff to spend at least some of their working time at home. Technology enables this to happen. Are you in that situation? If so, then that means some of the desks in your office are not needed at all or as often. If that's your business then you are in a good position to consider a change in your physical layout.

Are you getting the best out of your workforce?

This is a major issue. Productivity is always a key element in the success of your business. Investing in the latest technology and the brightest people are basic principles that any successful business will follow. But that does not mean that your workforce is operating at its full capacity. It might be that your employees are being hampered by the setup and layout of your office. If so, then you are in an ideal position to make a change to a more flexible working environment.

Workspace boosts creativity

It's a simple case of a flexible working environment bringing creative people together in more effective ways. Ideas can make your fortune. Helping your employees discover, develop and implement these ideas is strictly related to how well they mix and co-operate in their work space. Fix that and the creativity flows.